You can have a horse that’s safe, confident, and relaxed

My no-pain training method produces horses that are confident and relaxed - horses you can trust. Find out how Follow us on Facebook for current photos and videos!

Non-Traditional Training

Horse Training

Regardless of the current situation, your horse can have a can-do attitude, want to please you, and be relaxed in everything they do. Traditional methods don’t achieve these results – my non-traditional, no-pain method does.


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Ride With Confidence


Whether you’ve just always wanted to ride or have had a negative experience on a horse and are nervous about trying to ride again, I can teach you to ride with confidence.


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Confident Horses For Sale

Horses for Sale

I will only sell a horse that is confident and relaxed. I don’t sell a horse just to sell a horse. My horses are trained differently than traditional and “natural” methods so groundwork and riding lessons are included with the purchase.


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