Results are what count!

I’ll be the first to tell you my training method  isn’t for everyone. But, if you’re willing make a real commitment to your horse by putting in the time and effort, I assure you you’ll get positive results – safe, confident and reliable horses. There’s just nothing like the feeling of trust between horse and human.

Here are some success stories from people who have been willing to commit themselves to my training and riding methods.

Making a life partner – Jan Pack and Sandman

With her kids grown and out of the house, Jan was ready to start her lifelong desire to ride horses. A good friend found a beautiful palomino Quarter Horse gelding that Jan fell in love with. The challenge was that he was also very sensitive and Jan had not achieved the skill level to help him overcome that issue.

I had been searching for a training method that would help Sandman overcome his fears – I even spent a week with a nationally recognized clinician featured on television. None of these methods solved the problem. Then I met David Gray. I learned that it’s not about the horse’s temperament. It’s about the training. Sandman has overcome many of his fears and is gaining more confidence everyday. Gray’s training method is unbelievably phenomenal!

Better results than the show trainers – Jennifer Rougeau and Apache

Jennifer and her daughter were successfully involved in the big time national show world for over 10 years. She spent big money on horses and nationally recognized trainers. She had planned on taking a break from horses when her family moved to Abilene, but Apache came into her life and she went in search of a local trainer. A friend of hers recommended me and Jennifer brought Apache to me to start his training.

I have seen and experienced horses trained by some of the most highly respected trainers in the national show circuit. I have not seen the results that David Gray has achieved with Apache. Within 30 days he was already make lots of progress – very willing. Gray’s no punishment method works. His training methods is the best that I’ve seen. I am expecting great things from this horse!

The experience of a lifetime – John Beckett and Lacy

I am a 62 year old man that had never had the opportunity to ride a horse let alone to own one! 
Last year our wonderful neighbors introduced my wife and I to their three horses. We fell in love with Shay, a very stately and beautiful bay mare. It was only a few days of begging them to let us babysit, that Shay was eating grass in our pasture! After a few months of feeding, caring for and loving Shay we bought her. Having one horse was not enough for two people, so, Lacy Lou was soon in our pasture with Shay. Lacy is a beautiful buckskin mare.

At that point it seemed that everything started going wrong. I was told that Lacy was too much horse for me and I should take her back to where I bought her. The new saddle that I just bought for her did not fit her and everyone I talked to seem to give me conflicting advice. I was ready to give up and get out of owning horses.

My wife suggested that I call David Gray, whom we had also met through our neighbors, and have Lacy evaluated. When I called David, I never had any idea at the time how my life was about to change. David’s method of zero pain for the horses was just the type of training I was looking for.

The next thing I knew, Lacy and I both were taking lessons from David! While Lacy was working on such things as ground techniques and riding without a bit, I was learning the basics of how to ride. I was told at least a hundred times to keep my heels down, my hands down, look over your shoulder and put pressure on the leg in the direction of the turn. Having never ridden a horse this was all new to me, but I was soon learning to ride. Learning to trot and post took a bit longer!

As the lessons progressed, it became obvious to me that David had the knowledge and a special ability to communicate with the horses. I also found him to be a very effective communicator with his students. David has always giving me more than I expected. He is very patient and always made me feel important as a student and a friend.

David has given me a wonderful gift. He has given me a kind, obedient and well trained horse. He has also given me the ability to control and ride this magnificent animal, Lacy Lou.

Thank you so much.

A whole new way to ride – Janet Beckett and Shay

I thought I knew everything – well, almost everything! 
I used to ride frequently when I was a teenager and fell in love with horses then. Well, life took me on different paths and now, 40 years later, I am having the pleasure of actually owning my very first horse. We bought a beautiful big bay mare, Shay, from our neighbor, and my husband & I fell in love with her. She quickly learned how to twist us around her hoof and she taught us all of the tricks that she could think of!

I thought all of the techniques I knew as a youngster would come back, kind of like riding a bike, but I was wrong. Shay is a very powerful and spirited horse and I quickly realized that I was out of my league on her back. This was not the kind of “fun” I used to have as a teenager.

We had already met David Gray as he was currently training my husband and his horse, Lacy. I knew he had a kind of “magic” with horses as I had watched him work with Lacy and was amazed at how the horse responded to him. He was also working with my husband, who had never really ridden before, and being an “A” type, was probably not the easiest student he had ever worked with. My husband thought David was the “greatest”. We asked David if he would be willing to take on another student and horse and fortunately for us, he was.

Well, my whole concept of owning and riding horses has changed since that day. He has taught me how to respect the horse more, yet be the one in control. Riding without a bit was so foreign to me that I just didn’t see how you could stay in control, especially with a difficult horse. But David taught me about taking pain away from the horse and gaining their respect in other ways. I was never big on ground work, but have now learned how important it is, and David has given me many tools to make me successful at it. David’s patience, with horse and human, is amazing. He has taught me so much and has always done it with encouragement and never making me feel like I can’t do it. Eventually I get it and I can see that he is as proud of me as I am of myself!

Thank you, David, for the gifts you have given Shay and me. Both of our paths in life will be better because of you!

Overcoming fear and anxiety – 
Patty Esfandiary

Fear: to anticipate, apprehend, avoid, be afraid, be anxious, be apprehensive, be frightened, be in awe, break out in a sweat, feel concern, fret, have butterflies, shudder, suspect, tremble, worry. All these words and feelings is what went through my mind and body. To mount a 1200 lb animal, then to be told that I would be riding this magnificent horse without the aid of a halter or even a reins. But soon these words and emotions vanished and never thought of again.

David has taken those words out of my vocabulary. Never have I felt such calmness, comfort and safety on a horse. This is the ride I have always wanted, and just now have experienced. David is teaching these concepts; that when he says them they seem so logical. Take away the pain we as humans inflict upon horses and they will be anxious to please us humans. They have the ability to learn that never before have I witnessed. Horses love knowledge, but they cannot have it beaten into them. Repetition, endurance and stamina is what it takes and also, of course, the love for the animal, the proper feed, the appropriate equipment and the correcting of the way the hooves are manicured.

When I first started riding with David these were words I heard most: Heels down, balance, thumbs up, don’t kick, post, heels down Patty, ride around the leg the direction you want to go, heels down, post, post, post, balance. Thought that David never would say anything else. But soon I learned with these proper procedures that soon what I have been looking for in a ride was soon to follow. I am challenged only to what I have the comfort and ability to do. So as he does with the beast he also does with the human. No beating, no degrading, no yelling, only positive reinforcement. Repetition, endurance and stamina is what it takes, and also, of course, the love for riding. Sounds like both humans and horses learn from the same agenda.

I had not ridden in 19 years, but I had the desire to resume a love and passion that I was born into. Destiny brought David into my life, and of course his desire to eat helped! For this I am so grateful. I work in a very stressful job and I needed something to take me away from this stress. Horseback riding the way David teaches is just what the doctor ordered. The calmer and more relaxed I am, the calmer and more relaxed the horse is. Cash is the horse I have had the honor of riding. This horse came to David about 3 years ago. He has been retrained using David’s method and has proven himself to be priceless. Cash is the horse every rider has dreams of having. I know that at times Cash is saying to himself, “really, Patty, just keep your balance, let me have my head, make sure you really want to go left (or right) and I can do the rest.” I had the honor of going on an open range ride with Cash and as the other horses and riders were having a bit of a rough time, Cash was always calm and collected. Not once did I feel I was not in control. David had taught me what to do in case something would have happened, but never once did Cash falter. I even have trouble mounting this very large steed for I am only 5’2″. I only have to find an object to climb on to give me height. I ask him to move closer. I can mount from any side and never does he want to flee or even be afraid of my clumsiness. When I want to get off and walk around or just sit under a shade tree, I just throw his lead rope on the ground and that is where he will stay. AMAZING is the best word to describe this animal. AMAZING is also the word to describe David and his work and patience.

So thanks, David, for coming into my life and allowing me into your world. Having the stamina and endurance to put up with me. To keep repeating instructing words, never in anger. To keep encouraging me. To share with me the most awesome horses that I have ever been around. And to you, Gina, letting me take away precious time that should be yours.

From fear to confidence – Pam Dempsey

I have been in love with horses ever since I can remember!! I owned my first horse at the age of 10 and have always had at least one ever since. In September of 2004 I bought a 2 year old paint gelding named Maverick. It was my intention for him to be my first horse to ever “break” on my own. Well, the first time up on his back I rode him around for about an hour and everything was great until something upset him and he decided he was done. Maverick went into bronc mode and threw me off. Initially I got up and thought everything was fine, it was my husband who knew something was wrong when I kept just repeating myself over and over again. He insisted I lay down and he called 911. I was life flighted to a trauma center where I found out that I had fractured two vertebrae in my back!! I also received such a blow to my head that I am still fighting memory problems to this day and I have totally lost my memory of about 6 months of my life…I can’t even remember the accident!! After this happened I started looking for other more safe ways to deal with my horses. It was then that I stumbled upon Pat Parelli and his program. I completely devoted myself to his teachings for about two years. In the end, I found only frustration because I still had trust issues and problems with my horses that I didn’t know how to handle and I could never get anyone to take me by the hand and show me. The only thing that has kept me from giving up completely is that I love my horses too much to do that. Eventually, I was lucky enough to stumble upon the web site of Dale Moulton and his Horsepower program. This Aussie really interested me and I went to meet him at a nutrition clinic one night. We hit it off instantly and I could immediately tell that he still truly cares about helping horses and those of us trying to learn better, safer ways of dealing with them!! I was then even more thrilled when I was invited out to the ranch of David Gray, one of Dale’s students, to ride some of his Horsepower trained horses in person!!!! There are absolutely NO words to describe the experience I had out there in Abilene!! Gray put me on a 2 year old he had only been riding for two weeks. I have to admit I was quite nervous about being on such a “green” horse. However, once I got on her and realized we were fine walking around the round pen I was starting to feel more at ease. Oh, and don’t let me forget to mention I was on her bareback with no halter or anything on her at all!! Anyway, it was then that Dale handed me a starter pistol and instructed me to point it up in the air and fire off a round!! At this point I began to think he must be crazy, I came here to feel safer not to feel in danger!!! Well, Dale just asked me to trust him so I did and to my surprise I think the shot startled me more than the horse. Molly, the horse, barely even lifted her head and turned her ears in my direction!! Wow, that was amazing. After this we all saddled up and headed out to the trail. Out there I had the pleasure of riding Holiday, a huge 16 hand beauty!! My experience with him was far beyond any explanation I am capable of giving.

In all my life I have NEVER rode a horse that you can tell is thinking for himself and maintaining his calm even in the most strenuous situations. I also was unaware of how nervous I still was being on a horse after my accident!!! I thought I was pretty much over it but Holiday helped me realize how uptight I was and how much my emotions were affecting the horse I was on. Any time something unexpected would happen I would tense up and start pulling on his head. Poor Holiday had no idea what I was doing, but he put up with me and all my nervous habits until Gray told me, “just stop!” As soon as I did just relax and rely on Holiday to do his job everything was smooth sailing!! We rode through rough terrain up and down steep slopes and through brush and he handled everything with complete control and did everything that he was asked just like he was an old pro. I even ended up riding him for about the last hour or so with nothing but a neck rope on him!!! Wow, I have never experienced anything like that in my lifetime. Once I took the halter off I was even more in sync with him feeling his every movement and him mine. It was such an enlightening experience to realize what is truly available to people and horses when we learn to deal with them the right way.

Riding Gray’s horses was truly a life changing, emotional experience for me. I hope that one day with Dale and Gray’s help I too can learn how to achieve such levels of horsemanship as they have. I am so very thankful to Dale, Gray, Molly, and Holiday and all the horses I met that day for showing me how much pleasure is out there to be experienced with horses!!! Thank you all!!

Fulfilling the dream – Mary Raines

I just finished reading all the information on your website and I want to tell you how much I appreciate everything you did for me this weekend. I am looking forward to riding again for the first time in almost 2 years. Having a horse like Holiday is a dream come true for me. We are just getting to know each other now, but I know we will have many happy years together.

I am 60 years old and have loved horses all my life. I have owned a horse most of the time since I was 16 years old. I have had really good trustworthy horses up until my old mare died about 3 years ago. I love to trail ride with my husband and friends so I bought another mare, she seemed to be going fine when she started acting up in all kinds of unacceptable ways that put me in danger and I fell off and hurt my back. It took me about a month to get over the fall physically. However, emotionally I was a wreck. I was afraid to ride again, and every time I tried I was unsuccessful and ended up walking.

My life began to change when I met Dale Moulton in my quest to get control of my horse. I have felt that the feed we were feeding our horses getting them all fired up on that grain and sugar, then try to ride them was not a good plan. Dale’s feed and his no pain no drama plan sounded good to me. I had totally changed my feeding program, my tack, the way I ride and still was having trouble with my horses. I would go to a ride and end up staying in camp because my horse was out of control. I had decided to give up and never ride anymore because it was no longer fun.

Dale suggested I contact his friend David Gray and see about purchasing a horse from him, Dale felt I needed a well-trained dependable horse and that I might not be the problem, it just might be the horse. I contacted David and made arrangements to meet his horse Holiday. From the moment we arrived at his ranch, I felt at ease with David and his horses. I have never met such calm relaxed horses before in my life. I met Holiday rode a little in the round pen, then the arena, then on the trail. It was a life changing experience, no fear, no drama, not anything like before. We rode for about 2 hours, Holiday was everything David said he was and much more. I was lucky enough to purchase Holiday and have him at home now. I have had some very bad experiences purchasing horses. I have been told a horse was a dependable trustworthy ride, and when the drugs would wear off he was trying to kill me. So it is a pleasure to finally meet an honest person like David Gray and own one of his horses.

Thank you David for giving me back the thing that gives me the most pleasure I have ever had in my life.

You too can learn to ride with confidence and have relationship with a horse that you’ve always wanted.

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