Thrive Feed

I am a proud Thrive dealer for horse and dog feed.

Every horse I own or train is fed ThriveFeed. It’s formulated to be highly digestible and gives the horses the nutrition they need with minimum waste. It is a leading-edge feed that helps the horse to be focused, relaxed, and yet full of energy.

ThriveFeed was created using the latest technology, high quality ingredients, and advanced processing. ThriveFeed aids in rapidly building strong, powerful, useful, muscle. It nurtures a calm disposition, and supports all the energy requirements a horse demands. Whether it’s building a champion race horse, growing a foal, feeding a senior horse, or re-building a starved rescue horse, Thrive Feed delivers on its promise of excellence. I have gotten proven results from using ThriveFeed and you will too.


In addition to Thrive Feed, I also proudly use and sell DogsThrive.  DogsThrive is a vet-praised, premium dog food with the same attention to quality and detail as ThriveFeed.  It is a meat-based formula (Beef, Chicken, Pork) with excellent levels of both protein and fat supporting the needs of growing, active, companion and performance dogs. Powerful levels of both Glucosamine and Chondroitin positively support large breed dogs susceptible to joint issues in later life. These additives  work to support healthy joint cartilage, and connective tissue, the key to long term health of your dog! Plants, vegetables and grains supply valuable roughage to promote gut motility. Nutrition breakdown: 78% Meats, 15% Grains, 7% Plants & Vegetables.

When I suggested DogsThrive to my husband, he was skeptical and thought we wouldn’t see any difference from our usual food, Pedigree.  Just two weeks after switching, he was a believer. We have a German Shepherd, two Boxers and a little Schnorkie and we have seen a definite difference in their energy levels, overall demeanor and joy. The biggest surprise we’ve seen and continue to see, though, is their coats which appear healthier, shinier, fuller and even cleaner. We’re believers, and you should be too! Pick up a bag today and see for yourself!

-Brandi Jo Delony

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