Successful Horse Training Starts With Trust

Gray Training Method

Average is not an option.

Life is too short to settle for average. I’m interested in results, so let me tell you up-front: my training method is not for everyone. I’ve met folks who aren’t interested in putting forth the effort and time necessary to build a strong relationship with their horse. If that describes you, let me save us both some time. My method won’t do you any good. I can’t be the only one building a relationship with your horse. Transforming your relationship with your horse requires commitment – from you.

My promise to you.

If you share my passion for understanding your horse, I can promise you excellent results. I have both the skill and the patience to help you and your horse develop a relationship built on trust – a relationship that will produce lasting, positive results. Together, we can take your horse to the performance level you desire and share in the joy of achieving its potential.

Does your horse have a soft eye and willing spirit when you work or ride him?

A strong relationship is built on trust—this includes our relationship with horses. We need to trust them, and more importantly, they need to trust us. Using force and pain to train doesn’t promote the horse developing trust in us. In fact it can cause learned helplessness. Training is not a contest.

Three Fundamentals Of My Relational Horse Training Program

Training Method

Most horse training is focused on behavior using specific techniques. Much of that focus deals only with surface behavior and not what’s going on inside the horse. That’s where my method is different. I’ve found that above average training results are based on three key factors:

  • Nutrition
  • Condition
  • Relationship

Nutrition – This is the most overlooked aspect of horse training today. If a horse does not receive the proper nutrition, they can’t learn or perform well. Many of today’s feeds contain too much of what the horse doesn’t need. Every horse I train is fed ThriveFeed. It’s formulated to be highly digestible and gives the horses the nutrition they need with minimum waste. ThriveFeed is a leading-edge feed helps the horse to be focused, relaxed, and yet full of energy.

Condition – A horse’s feet have to be in top condition. Studies are released everyday that show that barefoot horses with properly trimmed hoofs perform better than those with shoes. All my horses are trained barefoot and kept trimmed to proper proportions.

A horse’s back also has to be in top condition. I only use Equipedic premium saddle pads to ensure the horse is as comfortable as possible. These pads are proven to increase the horse’s energy level and speed muscle recovery, all while protecting their back.

Relationship – Horses have a natural curiosity and are quite willing to form positive relationships with humans. When you learn how to connect with their mind, it’s absolutely possible to have a horse that WANTS to be around you. My training program develops horses that are safe, calmly obedient, reliable and responsive.

A problem horse isn’t a problem—he’s an opportunity

No matter how your horse acts, the truth is that there really aren’t any problem horses. Most of the time a horse is the way it is because of how its been treated by humans—sometimes intentionally, oftentimes unintentionally simply due to not knowing a better way. Spoiling a horse is just as bad as beating one.

Malik and Shadow are examples of horses labeled as extreme cases that were not trainable and were candidates to be put down. But, their behavior was the result of harsh treatment. Now they are becoming the outstanding horses they have always had the potential to be. It’s taken many months of long hours and patience, but now they are becoming exceptional horses.

All relationships have baggage. There is no magic fairy dust for training horses-just lots of patience and a lot of work.

Contact me to find out more about my non-traditional training program. You’re welcome to come to my place and see for yourself why average is not an option at Gray Performance Horses.