Training the horse and the human is a must

Training ProgramEvery horse and every rider is different so I don’t start the training process with an expectation of how long it will take. But, I do require a minimum 90-day commitment. My training method is different than most any other trainer you will find, and I’ve learned that it takes about 90-days to get the horse to the place where he is quiet, confident, and willing to do what is asked. If the horse has lots of baggage it may take longer. However, that does not mean that your horse is a finished horse but just ready to go to the next step.

I’m not here to siphon money out of your bank account. If I determine during the training process that your horse has reached the level of training you requested, I’ll let you know and will only charge for the time spent. I’m committed to doing what’s best for your horse.

Connecting you with your horse

Training the horse is the most important part of my horse training method, followed by training you, the horse owner. It would be a waste of your time and money if I trained your horse and he only responded to me. Horses will respond differently in different situations and to different people. For me to consider your horse trained, he will have to respond to you in the same way he responds to me.

How my training program works

Training Program“Fairy dust” does not exist in my training. Even though some of the things I do with horses look easy, it’s not! Results happen because of many hours of dedication, repetition, and discipline. If you are looking for instant gratification with horses, I am not the trainer for you.

That’s why I have a non-negotiable training process. Here’s what’s included:

  • Your horse will receive individual training attention
  • I will provide you with training status updates weekly by phone or email
  • Full board which includes hay and Thrive Feed
  • Hoof trimming
  • Weekly lessons with the horse owner. If you don’t live in the Abilene area, we’ll work out a plan to get your part of the training process accomplished.

All breeds and riding disciplines are welcome

I accept horses of all breeds and riding disciplines. My non-traditional training method builds a solid foundation, which creates a well-rounded and willing horse. While I don’t currently work on further refinement in certain disciplines, this foundation will equip you and your horse to build towards the riding discipline you want to pursue.

If you’re willing to make a commitment to your horse and to yourself, let’s talk. You may want to start by simply taking lessons, from me using one of my horses. You’re welcome to visit my place and see how this non-traditional training method works and if it fits you.