Bigen – Results of pain-free horse training

When Bigen arrived for me to train, the first four days he tried to kick my head off. Bigen could kick so hard that his joints would pop due to the velocity of the kick. The main issue Bigen was dealing with was that he was very tired of PAIN. He had been in a training program that was pain based, he had been eating feed that was poor quality and was tearing up is gut and his feet were hurting due to a trim where most of his heel had been rasped off. Bigen hated humans and was not interested in trusting them. This video is of Bigen 90 days after entering my training program. He began on THRIVE FEED for excellent nutrition and the training was based on skill, not pain. His feet were allowed to correct themselves with proper barefoot trims. In a short three months, Bigen became a very trusting and very happy horse.