You can ride safely, confidently and without fear

The most common thing I hear from folks is, “I’ve had a bad experience with a horse. Now I’m nervous and scared about riding, but I really want to ride. Can you help me?” Yes, I can! My non-traditional training method carries right over to riding horses. I can teach you to ride safely, confidently and without fear.

All ages are welcome

LessonsI have students as young as four years old all the way to retirees. Age makes no difference – all it takes is a willingness and commitment to learn. I’m committed to helping people and horses reach their full potential – average is not an option.

Take a free discovery ride

My training and teaching method isn’t for everyone – it’s a lot different than what most trainers do. I focus on all aspects of horsemanship, not just riding.  This means you’ll learn to trust your horse and, in return, gain its trust.  You’ll learn about nutrition, hoof care, tack and how to clean a stall.  I invite you to come out to my place to discover for yourself if you think my lessons are a good fit for you. I don’t pressure horses and I don’t pressure people, but you won’t know until you give it a try.

Passing the grandfather test

AbigailWhen Abigail was 7 years old, she decided she wanted to learn to ride horses. Her grandfather is very protective of her and did a lot of research on horseback riding. He was very concerned to find out the frequency of horse riding accidents. A friend of his recommended me and assured him that I could teach his granddaughter and keep her safe.

He was skeptical at first, and being a retired military officer, he wasn’t shy about challenging me with the question, “Can you teach my granddaughter to ride safely?” I said, “Yes sir, I can.” He gave me the opportunity to teach Abigail. She’s been riding with me for over ten years now.

Gray has infinite patience for kids who are willing to give their best effort. He instills the same traits of patience, honesty, and hard work in both his horses and the students he teaches.

-Abigail’s father, Riley